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To meet the many needs of those with advancing illness, we strive to provide the most comprehensive care available in Marion County. We have expanded our services with a pre-hospice program called Transitions. It’s free and open to those who may wish to pursue treatment options for their condition. Take the quiz to see if it’s right for you.

Transitions Transitionsis a professionally managed, volunteer-based support system provided in the comfort of your home, assisted living facility, nursing home or wherever you call home. Designed to assist those challenged by an advancing illness, our program is available to Marion County residents at no charge.

Specially trained staff members help ensure that you understand and are able to coordinate your medical care plan. We can also advise you about additional resources to enhance your quality of life.

Our staff and volunteers donate their time to provide supportive services to clients and their families, such as:


  • Assessment and case management
  • Telephone support
  • Companionship
  • Help with errands
  • Transportation
  • Relief for the primary caregiver
  • Assistance with additional resources available in the community


Transitions is supportAn important part of the Transitions program is the companionship, assurance and support that are so vital to those facing complex issues relating to their illness, treatment and outcomes.

The Transitions staff provides case management services to identify client and family needs and offers resources to fulfill those needs through volunteers, referrals and links to community agencies. This service increases the likelihood that Transitions clients will receive appropriate medical and non-medical services from their community providers. Community medical and non-medical providers also benefit from the monitoring services that Transitions offers. This unique program increases client communication with caregivers and facilitates networking between providers to enhance quality end-of-life care.

Transitions services are available at no charge. Anyone with a life-limiting illness is eligible. Services are provided to patients in their own home, nursing home or assisted living facility. For information about the Transitions program, contact Beverly Crumpler at 352-854-5200 for details.


Mature Media Award WinnersTransitions Program Earns National Recognition for Program Excellence

Since its inception in 2001, Transitions has grown from a handful of clients to more than 175 as of the first of October 2016.

As a free program of Hospice of Marion County, Transitions provides assistance to those with life-altering illnesses who are not yet hospice-appropriate.

Manager Beverly Crumpler offers professional management, community resources and volunteers to support clients.

The compassionate and comprehensive scope of Transitions received a Merit Award from Mature Media, a national organization specializing in programs that improve the care of seniors. Transitions is a shining star in the breadth of services offered by Hospice of Marion County.



Transitoins is hopeWhat is Transitions?
The Transitions program provides emotional support and practical assistance to individuals and families who are coping with a life-limiting illness.
Transitions provides support—from listening to assistance with community resources—for the special needs arising from a serious illness.

Who does Transitions serve?
Transitions is available for individuals who choose to pursue curative treatment or palliative care, and for those who don't want or don't qualify for hospice care.

What does it cost?
There is no charge for services provided by Transitions. The program is funded by donations.

Why do we use volunteers?
VolunteersTransitions recognizes that volunteerism is the cornerstone of its services to clients and families. A core group of volunteers is specially trained to assist in the most effective and skillful manner possible.

Transitions provides support assistance. The manager lends help by providing: a listening ear, information about area services, help understanding confusing events, options and choices, periodic visits, phone check-in calls, and a connection with a trained volunteer.

The Transitions volunteer may provide: companionship, emotional support, help doing errands, and respite for caregivers.

Why might I contact Transitions?
It can be confusing to know where to turn for help when coping with a serious illness and all the changes it brings. It is not unusual to feel hopeful one minute and discouraged the next. We realize that asking for help may be difficult for many people, so it may take some courage to do so.
We often hear comments like these:

“Since I have been on this new medication, the days seem so long. I am feeling lonely, but I don't want to bother my daughter at work. I would very much like to talk with someone else."

“My mother needs care 24 hours a day. It would be so helpful to have someone sit with her for a few hours so I could take a break. Then I can take better care of her.”

No one needs to feel alone. We’re here to help. Just call.

Quotes from Our Patients

  • "Thank you for checking in on us like you do. It makes us feel special and remembered! You make a difference."
  • "Thank you, Transitions Staff! You have been a real gift to me this year and I so appreciate the support group environment you create. You gently guide us along so that all get to share. It is so helpful to hear others’ insight and to be able to reach out to both give and receive help."
  • "To Martha and all the wonderful volunteers we have come to know, Best wishes from us both!"

Join our Support Group

Caregiver Support Group meets on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 11 am-1pm. Bring your lunch; coffee & dessert are on us. 2018 Tuesday dates are Jan 9, Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13 & Dec 18. 2018 Thursday dates are Jan 4, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 4, Nov 1 & Dec 6.

The Elliott Center 3231 SW 34th Avenue Ocala, FL 34474. RSVP to Beverly at (352) 854-5200.

Download a flyer to share.

Beverly CrumplerSupport the work of Transitions

Financial gifts from the community and volunteer workers make Transitions possible.
Learn more about how you can become a volunteer. We appreciate your support, either through donations or your work as a volunteer.

Contact Beverly Crumpler at 352-854-5200 for details.

Transitions is a program operated by Hospice of Marion County.