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Self Assessment Quiz for Transitions

How would I know when to call Transitions?

The following self-assessment can help you consider if the time is right to begin receiving support from Transitions for you or your loved one.

Check all the statements that apply. (* denotes required field)

Lately, I’ve noticed that:
  • I've become weaker and more fatigued.
  • I'm becoming short of breath, even at rest.
  • I've lost weight without trying.
  • I am receiving chemotherapy or other aggressive treatments.
  • I've fallen several times in recent months.
  • I've been hospitalized or needed emergency care several times in the past year.
  • I spend a good part of my day lying in bed or just sitting.
  • I am experiencing swelling.
  • I am on oxygen most of the time.
  • I am calling my doctor more often than I used to.
  • I have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.
I also need assistance with:
  • Running errands
  • Getting to doctor appointments
  • Light meal preparation

How many statements did you check? If you checked four or more, If you checked four or more, Transitions can provide support. Physical care and resources, emotional and spiritual support, and help for both you and your loved ones are available from Transitions.

Please do not hesitate to contact Beverly Crumpler at 352-854-5200; or e-mail this form to learn more about how you and your loved one can begin receiving the support you deserve.

Contact Information:
  • Please contact me by email phone.

Be assured that this information is confidential and protected by the federal privacy act.