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The Power of Pets

Pet Peace of Mind Adopted Pet
Pet Peace of Mind Adopted Pet


In recent years, experts have increasingly realized the power of pet therapy as a valuable aid in reaching out to the elderly and the infirm.

At Hospice of Marion County, there are two ways to bring the power of pets to our patients:

  1. through keeping pets with their owners throughout the hospice journey and
  2. by bringing trained pets to the homes of patients for a friendly visit.


Pet Peace of Mind®

Pet Peace of MindMaking it possible for beloved pets to remain with their owners is the mission of the Pet Peace of Mind program. Pets are part of the family, and as such, are deserving of time and attention so their unconditional love continues to be a comfort to the patient.

Hospice volunteers will visit to determine how we can help keep pets safe, fed, healthy and happy at home. Services, which are currently limited to dogs and cats, may include:

  • Performing chores such as walking the dog, cleaning the cat box or putting out food.
  • Picking up pet medications, food or supplies.
  • Transportation to a veterinarian or groomer for a routine or symptom-related visit.
  • Temporary boarding if the patient is scheduled for respite in a facility or admission to one of our Hospice Houses. Pet visits are allowed at the Hospice Houses, so a volunteer may bring your pet for a visit.
  • Encouragement and assistance with long-term arrangements for pets.


Thanks to the support of Banfield Charitable Trust, patients are eligible for assistance with the cost of needed services if requested by our social worker.

Be our Partner
Boarders, groomers, veterinary practices, pet supply providers and those participating in pet placement/rescue are encouraged to join with Hospice of Marion County to continue this worthwhile program. Financial and in-kind donations are also needed.

To become a Pet Peace of Mind partner, contact Connie Storms, (352) 873-7441 or cstorms@hospiceofmarion.com, or donate online.

Want to be a Pet Peace of Mind volunteer?
Download the volunteer application or learn more by calling (352) 873-7441.


Pet Visitors

Dakota and Sharon  Rinschler

A visit from a furry friend often relaxes and calms hospice patients, taking their mind off loneliness, grief and fear. By nature, animals create warmth, caring and a sense of protection.

Volunteers who would like to be Pet Visitors will receive special training and their pets must complete the Project Pup certification to be eligible for visits in patient homes or facilities.

Call Louise Cannatetta at (352) 615-9277 to schedule Project PUP certification.

Pet Visitors often find it’s just as enjoyable for their pet as it is for the patient.