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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights and ResponsibilitiesAll patients of Hospice of Marion County and their families have basic rights and responsibilities. These include:

The Right To:

  • Impartial access to appropriate care, regardless of race, national origin, age, gender, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, place of residence within the area served by Hospice, source of payment, or the ability to pay for the services rendered.
  • Assessment, diagnosis, and a plan formulated, implemented and reviewed on a regular basis for pain and symptom management.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect, with consideration for your person and property.
  • Be informed upon admission the scope of care and treatment that will be provided.
  • Receive quality care from the available professionally trained personnel, according to ethical standards of conduct. To know the names and responsibilities of the people providing your care.
  • Participate in developing a plan for your care and updating it as your needs change.
  • Expect confidentiality of all information related to your care, within required policies and regulations.
  • Refuse treatment and be told the possible effects of your decision.
  • Receive timely response to your request for service.
  • Be informed if you will be responsible for any payment.
  • Be appropriately referred, if you do not meet admission criteria for Hospice care.
  • Know the appropriate channels of communication to address unresolved concerns, without fear of discrimination or reprisal.

The Responsibility To:

  • Remain under a doctor's care while receiving agency services.
  • Provide the agency with a complete and accurate health history.
  • Participate in developing and updating your plan of care.
  • Sign the required consents and releases.
  • Participate in your care by asking questions, expressing concerns, and reporting changes in your condition.
  • Provide a safe home environment in which your care can be given.
  • Accept the effects of any treatment refusal.
  • Treat agency personnel with respect and consideration.
  • Advise agency administration of any dissatisfaction or problems with your care.
  • Abide by agency policies and job descriptions that designate duties our staff may perform.
  • Let hospice know when the principle advocate is leaving town and how to reach him/her if needed.


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