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Inez's Story
For two decades, Inez has provided personal health services for hospice patients. With 2,900 admissions each year, she’s cared for people of all ages with diagnoses from cancer to dementia. The cost of admitting one patient for care at home is $530; that’s more than $1.5 million dollars, all covered by hospice. Listen to Inez’s story, whose experience was priceless. Help us admit all eligible patients. Your dollars make a difference in each and every life.

Hospice of Marion County provides a full spectrum of physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support for patients with advancing illness. Hospice allows the patient to remain at home, in a home-like environment at one of our Hospice Houses or other settings, such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or even the hospital. Care is provided by an Interdisciplinary Team of:

Attending Physicians—maintain primary medical care and work closely with the hospice staff in an individualized care plan. One of our seven medical directors may serve as the patient’s primary physician.

Hospice's Medical Directors—consult with the various members of the team, including the patient's personal physician, and verify the appropriateness of an admission. Our physicians make home visits to patients as needed to prevent unnecessary hospitalization or emergency room calls.

Registered Nurses—visit the patient as often as needed, assessing physical needs and providing overall care management. Our nurses offer education to family members about the disease process and provide expert pain and symptom control. A nurse is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Certified Nursing Assistants—give patients professional personal care and attention. Some of their services include bathing, grooming, changing bed linens and other light household tasks.

Crisis Care—professionals are at the ready to step in if a crisis occurs. Our specialized team manages the situation, along with the patient's physician and regular nurse until pain and symptoms are under control.

Counselors—assess the overall emotional and psycho-social needs of the patient and family. Our staff of social workers can assist in planning many aspects of need, determining the right course of action to provide maximum support.

Grief Support Facilitators—are available to families for up to 13 months following the death of their loved one. Support may come in the form of phone calls, visits, mailings, support groups, volunteer contacts, special programs and memorial services. This support gives the bereaved various opportunities to share their feelings and begin to heal.

Camp Mariposa Children's Program—recognizes that anyone old enough to love is old enough to grieve. The camp is one of our special Children's Programs that provides an environment of supportive counseling and education for children ages 5-12 years old. We also provide programs for adolescents.

Chaplains—provide spiritual and pastoral support for patients and families if they wish. Our chaplains are non-denominational and offer a wealth of resources.

Nutrition Services—if dietary needs become an issue, dietitians assess the patient's individual situation and provide alternative methods to ensure adequate nourishment and satisfaction.

Pharmacists—Hospice of Marion County has the unparalleled benefit of its own pharmacy staff, led by an expert in the field. This extra value assures patients of the most appropriate use of medications to provide comfort with minimal side effects. Our pharmacist is available to speak directly with patients and families to educate and alleviate concerns over medications and emergency kits kept in the home.

Volunteers—our volunteers receive specialized training and are well-prepared to offer respite care, companionship, transportation, emotional support and take care of errands.

Medical Equipment—such as respiratory equipment, hospital-style beds, and other durable medical equipment, designed to meet your needs to live an active lifestyle is provided as part of our hospice services. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and supplies free delivery and set-up.

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