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Hospice of Marion County and Its Affiliated CompaniesOur mission: To provide exceptional compassionate end-of-life care to our community. Hospice of Marion County and Its affiliated companies, Accent Medical, and The Center for Comprehensive Palliative Care are committed to the highest Standards of Excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision at Hospice of Marion County and Its Affiliated Companies is to enhance the quality of life through expert collaborative care and services in central Florida. Toward this vision, we offer an environment where employees can share ideas in the pursuit of excellence, while maintaining strategic and organizational flexibility to meet the challenges of a changing industry landscape. To achieve this vision, we make the following commitments to those whose lives we touch on a daily basis:

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Stewardship
  • Recognition

These standards are based on specific staff service behaviors that are necessary to achieve and maintain Mission, Vision and Values.

Meet our:

Board of Directors

Directors/Healthcare Managers

Hospice Healthcare

Hospice of Marion County, Inc. has expanded its services beyond traditional hospice care by creating three separate legal companies which work together to provide high quality and compassionate care.

The coordinated relationship between our companies and our four specialty programs ensures an exceptional scope of services which often reduces costs. Each agency is distinct with its area of expertise, staff and management.

Our companies and specialty programs form a circle of care centered on the patient’s and family’s needs.

Visit our affiliates on the web at:

Center for Comprehensive Palliative Care: www.marionpalliativecare.com

Accent Medical: www.accentfl.com