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Hospice Houses: Another Place to Call Home

Our three hospice houses are licensed for inpatient care. This acute level of skilled nursing was previously only provided in a hospital, but can now be administered in the comforting atmosphere of our hospice houses.

Patients who require pain or symptom management receive 24-hour care until their condition stabilizes. Each situation is assessed individually to determine the appropriate level of care. When symptoms are under control, some patients may return to their former home, if appropriate.

Learn more about our Levels of Care.



Each house is staffed by RNs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All rooms are private, and some offer comfortable suites  to accommodate family and friends.

Just as they receive at home, each patient has the benefit of a nurse, family support counselor, certified nursing assistant, chaplain and often a volunteer to help support both the patient and the family. Medical oversight is provided by the patient's physician and/or the Hospice Medical Directors.

Learn more about what to expect when going to one of our hospice houses by downloading our infographic here or by watching this video.



The Ted & Diane Brandley House, The Legacy House, and Estelle's House, are all inpatient facilities which provide the most comprehensive care program available. Patients will feel comfortable while receiving professional care in a home-like atmosphere. Family members and friends are encouraged to visit frequently with no visiting hour restrictions. The patient's physician remains in charge of care as primary physician and member of the care team. Hospice of Marion County has full-time Board Certified physicians who may also serve as attending physicians.

Our three Hospice Houses include:

Skype available

Across the Miles
Thanks to free computer access at all our
hospice houses, this patient can communicate
“live” to her brother in California.

  • 24 hour-a-day staffing—with a nursing staff ratio of 1:4 on duty at all times
  • Regular visits by the Hospice Medical Directors, Social Workers, Chaplain and Other Support Personnel
  • Meals prepared by our onsite chef
  • TVs with cable, private telephone and live videoconferencing available
  • Medications related to the terminal diagnosis
  • Medical equipment and supplies


Who pays for the extra services at a Hospice House?

Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies. This includes medications, durable medical equipment and most services related to the patient’s primary diagnosis. Usually there are no additional charges or co-payments billed to the patient. If charges do occur, such as room and board at the hospice houses – No patient is ever refused based on ability to pay. In fact, more than one million dollars of free care is provided annually.

Click the links below for maps and pictures of the Hospice Houses.
The Ted & Diane Brandley House
The Legacy House
Estelle's House